About Us

The Word “Quartus” denotes the four-square aspect of each individual: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical.

The Quartus Foundation for Spiritual Research was founded in 1981 by John and Jan Price, and became a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation in 1983.


The Beginning

While writing the book The Superbeings, the author – John R. Price – made contact with a state of consciousness within himself, which he called his Higher Self. During this experience, John asked that the purpose of the book be revealed to him, and the inner voice said:

“To reveal the truth that every man and woman on Earth is more than a human being, that each has the Gift and may rise above all limitations of mind, body and affairs. As the fulfillment you are seeking is found by rising in consciousness, you will be demonstrating the Truth, and as you share these experiences with others, and as they share their experiences with you, you will grow together.  You, and others who will join you in the journey, are seeking the Fourth Dimensional Consciousness, which was established within all mankind in the beginning. It is in the depths of your being now, awaiting your rediscovery.

Call your group Quartus. It is not to be a church or a religion. It is to be a foundation for continued research and communications on the Reality and truth of Man and his world. It is to be a platform for the free exchange of ideas, for opening minds, for sharing and growth.”


And so The Quartus Foundation was established.


Quartus today

We have formed a new Board of Directors for Quartus.

Leslie Price – President,  Susan Price, Coe Savage – Secretary,
John Cramer – Treasurer, and Laura Weaver – Executive Director.

The Quartus Foundation publishes the Quartus Report, a bimonthly newsletter with articles by John Price as well as articles and insights from member-subscribers. Each issue represents a guide to higher Consciousness, practical steps to enable you to realize your own unlimited potential and make dramatic changes in your life.

We are active on Facebook and our website to assist you to continue to raise your consciousness and share with others the message of Love and Wholeness.

We welcome your participation with us in exploring new avenues of expressing the Godness within us all.